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  • Sehenswürdikeiten Matterhorn AdobeStock 232977233

    At 4478 m above sea level, the Matterhorn is one of the highest mountains in the Alps. Because of its striking shape and its climbing history, the "Horu" is one of the most famous mountains in the world. For Switzerland, it is a landmark and one of the most photographed tourist attractions.

  • Sehenswürdikeiten Rheinfall 2 AdobeStock 105728555
    Rhine Falls

    The Rhine Falls has a height of 23 metres and a width of 150 metres. The impact zone has a depth of 13 metres. At average water flow of the Rhine, 373 cubic metres of water per second tumble over the rocks in the Rhine Falls. Together with Sarpsfossen in Norway, which is the same height, it is one of the three largest waterfalls in Europe.

  • Sehenswürdikeiten Creux du Van AdobeStock 245757827
    Creux du Van

    The Creux du Van is located in the Jura at 1450 metres above sea level. The cirque is about 1200 metres wide and 500 metres deep. The total length of the rock faces, which drop vertically about 160 metres, is about four kilometres. The area is included in the Federal Inventory of Landscapes and Natural Monuments of National Importance.

  • Sehenswürdikeiten Aletsch Arena AdobeStock 34399553
    Great Aletsch Glacier

    The Great Aletsch Glacier is the largest and longest glacier in the Alps. It is located on the southern slope of the Bernese Alps in the canton of Valais. The length of the glacier is 22.6 km and the area is given as 78.49 km². The origin of the Great Aletsch Glacier lies in the Jungfrau region at an altitude of around 3800 m above sea level.

personal, trustworthy, professional.

Solidis is one of the leading business service companies and auditing firms in Central Switzerland.

We and our highly motivated specialists offer  auditing, tax and business services for SMEs, employee pension funds, municipalities, non-profit organizations and individuals.

The benefits of our services include personalized, efficient consultations, flexible, sustainable solutions, reduction of your liability, and economic security in your future. We are your advocate because our actions focus on absolute client satisfaction!


Acquisition of Merki Treuhand AG

Merki Treuhand AG Logo

We dare to move to Baden in the canton of Aargau and, together with the current managing director Angelika Waser Schoch, take over the majority of the innovative, competent and successful trust company from its founder Jeannette Merki.

The qualified and friendly employees of Merki Treuhand AG provide first-class services for their clients. Jeannette Merki and Angelika Waser Schoch, like us at "Solidis", place complete customer satisfaction at the center of their actions. We are convinced that we can mutually benefit a lot from each other in order to be
- One Step Ahead - also in the future.

Business News 2022.1

Business New Titelseite 2022 1

Fiscal year 2022 has been characterized by major changes so far. War in Ukraine, energy prices going through the roof, supply bottlenecks in all sectors, staff shortages in many industries, inflation, recession, the Swiss franc and interest rates on the rise ... risks everywhere we look.

Customer magazine Business New

The third issue of our customer magazine "Business New, Unternehmen neu gedacht", which we realized together with other partners, with the topic RISK, comes just in time.

You will find our report "The top risks in 2022" on pages 7 to 11.

Business News 2022.1

New data privacy law - a risk for SMEs?

BN1 22 Bild DSG

The new Data Protection Act (DPA) is expected to come into force on September 1, 2023, together with the Data Protection Ordinance (DPO), which has yet to be issued by the Federal Council.

Does the DPA also affect SMEs?

Yes, all companies, regardless of their size, are affected by the DPA. It does not matter whether the data of customers, partners, suppliers and employees is stored in analog or digital form. Due to the digitalization of processes, the amount of data to be processed in companies will continue to increase sharply. Accordingly, all companies should implement the new DPA, which will come into force without a transition period on September 1, 2023. This is particularly important for companies that operate in cross-border areas and / or employ people from an EU state but have not yet adopted the GDPR.

The new DPA takes into account consumer behavior (online shopping, payment services, etc.), communication technologies, social networks, technological developments (digitalization, artificial intelligence, etc.) and international standards.

To the report - only in German

Inheritance law revision what changes for me?

HEV Magazin Solothurn Titelseite September 2022

The Federal Council has decided to bring the revised inheritance law into force on January 1, 2023. For all deaths from this date onwards, the new provisions will therefore apply, irrespective of whether a will was drawn up or an inheritance contract concluded before the revision came into force.

The most important changes can be found in our technical report in the HEV magazine Solothurn issue September 2022 on pages 16 and 17.

Report Inheritance Law Revision - What changes for me? - only in German

HEV Magazine Solothurn Issue September 2022 - only in German

New Logo

Logo Solidis neu EN

One step ahead

Dear clients, partners, colleagues and friends

For more than 100 years we have been doing our utmost to provide you, as an entrepreneur and private individual, with the best possible support in financial and tax matters by offering you high-quality services.

This was and is only possible thanks to far-sighted and prudent advice. We always try to be one step ahead. What has long been an important part of our DNA has now also been integrated into our logo. This should be a daily incentive for us to do the best for you, our employees, our company and the environment.

What could be more fitting for this event than the Future Greeting 2022, which takes an inspiring look at the present and shows why we have many good reasons to be courageous and optimistic about the future in 2022. With acumen and humour, the two authors Matthias Horx and Harry Gatterer take ten quotations as an opportunity to reflect on current developments and create scenarios for the future. Their descriptions of possible futures inspire new perspectives and give readers a positive outlook on the new year. Send us an email and we will be happy to send you a copy of Future Greetings 2022.

We hope you enjoy reading it!

Best wishes

Your Solidis Team


Business News 2021.2

Business News Titelseite

The issue entitled "Miracles of Change" focuses on the digitalisation and automation of today's society and the associated impact on our daily business and private lives.

You will find our report "Many clients are not yet ready" on pages 10 to 14. Further information on the topics "The automated tax return" and "Digital accounting as a competitive advantage" can be accessed via the QR codes on page 14.

Business News 2021.2


Business News 2021.1

Busniess News ¦ Titelseite 2021 1

We present you the latest news on the topic of “Is Everything New!?” as the co-publisher of the Business News 2021-1.

In this edition, you can read about the effects that COVID may have on your business and on your life in general. Has everything changed, or can you still rely on some of what has been tried and true? What do you need to undertake to be successful in the future as well?

We especially recommend that you read the article starting on page 6 entitled “IS EVERYTHING NEW? NOW OR NEVER!” from our Managing Partner, Reto Gribi.

Business News 2021.1


Places of interest in Switzerland

We will give you a closer look at Switzerland in the coming months. Look on our homepage to find places of interest that are worth visiting. Let us take care of your accounting, taxes, administration or auditing while you enjoy your leisure time and our beautiful country.


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