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Abacus + AbaWeb

The Swiss standard for financial accounting

Abacus Financial Accounting is a proven program that has been used for around 35 years in thousands of enterprises and business service companies ranging from large to small. Abacus Financial Accounting has proved that it is an important part of modern ERP solutions for companies from a wide variety of industries.

Abacus gives you everything in one application and is completely without interfaces since the software is fully integrated into your ERP program. The range of software from Abacus allows modules to be added so that it provides the correct solution for all of your needs.

With our AbaWeb solution from Abacus, there is no need for updates, maintenance, or data backups. You access your accounting system using a web browser.

Your benefits & highlights of our service

Predictable costs

The software is obtained as a service (SaaS). This means that you have no direct costs for IT infrastructure. Your costs of use can be accurately predicted.

Up-to-date data

All data is constantly up to date and available in real time regardless of your location.

High security

Collaboration between business service providers and SMEs is flexible and secure. Your work environment always has state-of-the-art security standards thanks to updates.

Market leader

Abacus has been developing business software exclusively in Switzerland for more than 35 years and is very familiar with the needs of SMEs.

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