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Solidis AG - EN
Martin-Disteli-Strasse 9
4600 Olten, CH
Tel. +41 62 207 30 40
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Roger Werthmüller

Werthmueller Roger Hobby

After my commercial training at e + h Services AG, where I completed my vocational baccalaureate while working, I took on several temporary positions. In the process, I acquired a broad range of expertise in various business management areas. My journey ended where it began, again at e + h Services AG. There I discovered and lived out my interest in business and financial figures. For this reason, I started the further education to become a certified business economist in 2019 and successfully completed it in September 2022. In November 2021, I joined Solidis as an audit assistant.

In my free time, I need a contrast to the daily work routine, which is why I am an active member of a football club and do weight training on the side. To clear my head of all the numbers, I like to go for a spin on my motorcycle.